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Why You Should Definitely go to the Festival of Speed

If you’re as passionate about automobiles as we are, then you’ll know all about the Festival of Speed. If, however, you’re slightly behind, not to worry! The top team at Dentscratch, experts in auto repair Aldershot, have all the information laid out for you! Here’s everything you don’t want to miss!



Obviously we’re going to talk about the main event. There will be appearances from all of your favourite cars, both past and present. They will all be taking on the famous Hillclimb (Goodwood’s iconic Festival of Speed racing track), but let’s not forget all the star appearances too – (Make sure to keep checking the website to see new announcements on who will be there! The Hillclimb shootout, where the fastest drivers from the weekend compete, will determine who is crowned the champion of the Festival of Speed 2018. All this and the chance to witness racing for the first time, what could be better?


A common misconception surrounding festivals is that the food is overpriced and lacklustre. The Festival of Speed has a range of options, from high class restaurants to grab ‘n’ go options, and you can even get a bespoke package from the hardworking hospitality staff. Whether you’re just a fan of cars or you’re an automobile specialist, this is the festival for you!

It’s their anniversary

The first ever Festival of Speed happened in June of 1993, meaning that 2018 will be the 25th anniversary of the event. As a special treat to accompany the display of extraordinary vehicles, the Duke of Richmond is picking out his top 25 moments from the 25 previous events. These will include all of his favourite parts and even some bits that have shaped the evolution of the nation’s favourite car culture and motorsport festival. As professionals in auto repair Aldershot, the whole team here at Dentscratch are excited for the celebrations.

The Festival of Speed has a lot to offer, and it’s not just motor vehicles! As experts in auto repair Aldershot, Dentscratch know all about cars and are here to help you if you have any car troubles. If you have a query, don’t hesitate to email, get a free online quote from the comfort of your own home, or call us on 01252 310888.

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