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Will Cars of the Future Replace Buttons With Glass?

Our customers know that whilst our speciality lies with car respray in Hampshire, Dentscratch Ltd love to keep an eye on the future of the automotive industry, including new designs and innovations that may come to be released. Next up on our radar is Smart Glass, and how it may change the interior of our cars.

Is It Time To Say Goodbye To Buttons?

With the rise of handheld touchscreen technology, it seems that it would only be a matter of time before it migrated further afield, but some may be surprised to see glass screens actually become integrated with the car interior of the future.

It seems that autonomous cars are in the news every week following new updates or developments, but finding publications talking about smart glass in vehicles is rather thin on the ground. However, this doesn’t mean that such things don’t exist, merely that they are a work in progress (albeit a much quieter type than their self-driving peers) with BMW and Panasonic testing various concepts of sleek car interiors chock full of glossy smart glass.

The Problem With Glass

Any smartphone user will know just how quickly touchscreens get dirty and how difficult they are to keep clean. And, whilst they do look impressive when they’re pristine, this very quickly changes once the glass has finger marks all over it! This issue could possibly be resolved with gesture technology over touch, but this comes with its own problems surrounding reliability, consistency, and safety.

There are also issues with touching the right areas of the smart glass as well as usage during rough terrain and bumpy rides. In the end, buttons and levers just give clearer feedback than touchscreens do –  they’re more “trustable”, especially as the current touch technology being developed for cars does not include haptic feedback (vibration). After all, you don’t want to be left wondering if you actually activated the function you wanted to or not!

A Crystal Clear Future?

So, is the possibility of glass interiors shattered? Only time will tell. Presently, it seems that consumers may not want glass in their cars just yet, and that the technology isn’t quite ready either. But in 5 or even 10 years time? The insides of cars could be looking very different!

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