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Is Plasti-dip for you?

As experts at car repair Aldershot, the team at Dentscratch Ltd know a thing or two about helping prevent the need for repairs and are always happy to give our customers a little advice on the matter! Something we’ve started to be questioned about a lot more frequently is whether car owners should cover their car with vinyl wrap or plasti-dip; the answer isn’t so simple as both have their pros and cons! However, this time we’ll be looking at all the reasons you should be choosing plasti-dip!

The big draw of plasti-dip is that it allows you to change the look of your car, all the while providing a protective anti-scratch coating that can be removed without damaging the factory paint thus preserving the resale value and preventing the possibility of voiding warranties or lease agreements!

Plasti-dip is also thicker and more elastic than vinyl, lending more shock protection from bumps and chips. It’s also more robust in that it is moisture and temperature resistant, and is easier to wash than an untreated car (no need to worry about scratching your paint!).

Plasti-dip is highly flexible (both literally and figuratively!); it’s currently the only way to protect your vehicle’s rims, and you can select individual parts of your car to be dipped, whether for aesthetic or protective reasons. Any damage to the coating is easy to fix with quick spot repairs, unlike vinyl wrap, which requires a whole panel to be replaced (or even worse for an unprotected car, a full respray!)

For those of you more concerned with the aesthetic side of things, you’ll know that irreversible customisation is risky, which is exactly why plasti-dip is such a fantastic alternative for those who wish to experiment with the look of their vehicle! With plasti-dip, you can give your car a colourful makeover without needing to commit, making it a great way to try out a new colour before a respray, change aesthetics whilst maintaining the factory spray beneath, or give your lease car a new look! Plasti-dip used to only be available in matte finishes, but those looking to try it out now will be able to experiment with glossy, metallic, pearlescent, and fluorescent finishes!

As a typical plasti-dip coating lasts around 3 years, it’s an ideal solution for those who like to shake things up and have a new car colour every year.

Finally, it’s important to note that a standard plasti-dip job can be completed in under 12 hours, and cost around half the amount that vinyl wrapping does, making plasti-dip the cheapest and fastest option ahead of vinyl wrap and full repaint!

If you’re looking to avoid car repair Aldershot, then plasti-dip may just be the solution for you! However, if you do ever find yourself in need of repair or a SMART respray, Dentscratch are all too happy to help you out; we provide only the highest quality care for every vehicle we see in our shop, and work hard to restore them to a condition their owner can be proud of. If you’re in need of our services you can use our site to request a quote, or contact us directly with any questions – we’re always happy to help!


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