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Transform and Protect Your Car

With a long history of performing dent repair Aldershot, the team at Dentscratch Ltd know a thing or two about protecting cars and preventing damage (as well as repairing any!). So, what advice do we have to give our customers? Well, one of the best ways to protect something is with a physical barrier, such a Plasti-Dip or vinyl wrap; after all, there are many benefits to covering your car, including:


Wraps and Plasti-dips are a fantastic way to change the appearance of your car without having to shell out for the cost of a full car respray. They’re also non-permanent options that can be fairly easily removed without damaging the original paintwork underneath.

Having your car wrapped or dipped means you can experiment with customisation without the commitment, and as the processes are completely reversible, you can change your paint jobs as often as your mood.

For those looking to wrap their car, there’s a huge selection of finishes, patterns, and graphics for you to choose from – you can even use them for promotional purposes!

Expense and Maintenance

Wrapping and dipping are both highly economical choices in the long run, not least because they’re quicker and cheaper than a traditional car respray.

Car owners can also achieve high resale value on their vehicles are wrapping and dipping, as both processes will protect the original factory paint job underneath and can be removed without damaging it either.

Wrapped and dipped cars also have no need to be waxed regularly like other cars, saving you the expense of this routine maintenance for however long the coatings last, which can be between 3-10 years.


Vinyl wrap and Plasti-Dip will protect paintwork from weathering, chips, and general wear and tear (Plasti-Dip can also protect rims), making it an ideal solution for leased cars, or motors you’re not planning on keeping for long before reselling.

Vinyl wraps also resist corrosive substances and sunlight (Plasti-Dip requires additional coatings), and on the off chance that something does happen to either, it’s easy to spot repair small areas on both.

A well looked after vinyl wrap can last for 10 years, and PlastiDip for 3, though either can be removed at any time should you change your mind or wish to sell.

Even covered cars aren’t immune from all damage, and if you’re in need of dent repair Aldershot, then Dentscratch Ltd are here to help! Our expert technicians can have your car restored to its pristine state in no time, so you can get back where you want to be – on the road again! For more information about our protective or restorative services, simply contact us for more information by calling 01252 413804 or emailing – you can even request a quote from us!

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