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Battered by the Beast from the East? Six Post Snowfall Checks Every Car Owner Should Make

As a garage that offers reliable dent repair Hampshire, the Dentscratch team see many cars come in for work around winter – especially after snow and ice! We love seeing cars in top condition as much as you do, so here are few things you should definitely take the time to check now that the Beast from the East has cleared (and to bear in mind if it comes back this weekend!)

  • Cold weather and low visibility from precipitation puts more stress on your car’s battery, so make sure to keep an eye on it and check on its condition after snowfall.
  • Inspect your tyres’ pressure and tread depth to ensure they’re both at safe levels – remember that temperature fluctuations affect pressure, so be sure to check them after the snow has initially started to settle and fall, and again once it has warmed enough to melt.
  • Top up any antifreeze in your engine coolant and screen wash to replace that used during the bad weather (though you may want to hold off on the latter if more snow or freezing weather isn’t expected).
  • Survey your car’s undercarriage for damage – driving over snow (or ice and other debris hidden within it) can cause unseen damage. Keep an ear out when driving too, for new or suspicious sounds like rattling can clue you in to damage you may not have spotted in earlier checks.
  • Cold weather can cause door seals to become brittle or damaged, and the same goes for the rubber on windscreen wipers. You want these to be working for upcoming spring showers, so be sure to check their condition after any snow!
  • If you haven’t already, be sure to thoroughly wash your car to remove traces of salt, grit and de-icer fluid that may otherwise degrade and damage your paintwork if left on for too long.

The expert technicians at Dentscratch Ltd are here to help if you’re in need of dent repair Hampshire after the Beast from the East (or any other time!) For efficient, friendly service for classic and modern cars alike in the Hampshire area get in touch today by calling 01252 310888 or emailing – you can even request a quote online!

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