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Should I Wrap my Car?

If you’re looking to protect or change the look of your car, no doubt you’ll have considered vinyl wrap Hampshire. Dentscratch Ltd know that it can be hard to make up your mind about these sorts of things, so we thought we’d highlight some of the benefits of vinyl wrap to help you make a decision! Plasti-dip is another option for temporarily customising your car, but just what sort of benefits can you expect to see if you choose vinyl wrap instead?

The thing you’ll notice first about vinyl wraps is obviously their appearance, and how your car will look is definitely something to think about when considering wrapping your car! One of the best things about vinyl wrap is the massive amounts of designs, colours, and finished to choose from, including glossy, matte, metallic, mirrored, chrome or even carbon fibre. You can also choose from various graphics or custom decals, an effect which cannot be reproduced with normal paint jobs or plasti-dip; this makes vinyl wrapping ideal for promotional purposes and showroom vehicles. You can get some absolutely stunning results exclusively with vinyl wraps!

Vinyl wrap is also almost indistinguishable from a professional paint job, and much sleeker in appearance than plasti-dip, which requires multiple coats to be effective. This also makes vinyl the superior choice for partial wrapping as plasti-dip can give a bulky appearance when only used on certain spots on a car (such as mirror, spoilers, or bumpers).

Another reason for choosing vinyl wrap is its practicality; it’s more resistant to chemical damage and corrosion (from things like petrol spills and bird droppings) than plasti-dip, and can last twice as long or more – the standard life for plasti-dip is 3 years, versus 5-7 years for vinyl wrap. Vinyl wraps are also more likely to be guaranteed for several years in the case of fading from UV exposure. Further to this, any damage to your vehicle’s wrap only needs a panel to be replaced instead of an expensive entire respray. This superior longevity makes vinyl wrap perfect for a car that you’re looking to keep for a while, but want to keep protected.

It should also be noted that vinyl wrapping takes few days to complete, and so is a much quicker process than a professional respray, which can take a week or longer!

Dentscratch are happy to provide vinyl wrap Hampshire if you’re looking to protect your car from everyday wear and tear and accidental damage, including washing and defrosting your car. Remember, vinyl wrap can be safely removed without damaging the original paintwork beneath, making it the perfect way to customise your lease car or even promote your business. For more information, or to request a quote, simply contact our friendly team by calling 01252 310 888 or emailing – we look forward to hearing from you!

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