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Just What Is Hydro-Dipping?

Thinking about customising your car, and wondering just what hydro dipping Hampshire is all about? Have no fear, Dentscratch are here to explain all with our handy fact file!

Hydro-dipping is the term used for the immersion printing of 3D objects. In other words, it’s when a special film (or the pattern or image to be transferred) is suspended in water, and a primed object is carefully dipped into it, which allows the film (and pattern) to adhere to its surface.

This technique is unique as it allows the pattern to “wrap” around the object flawlessly, which would be impossible any other way. Graphic designs usually cannot be printed onto 3D objects using traditional printing methods, and even vinyl wrapping is printed onto 2D sheets before the vehicle is wrapped.

Metal, plastic, and certain non-porous woods can all be hydro-dipped to achieve a customised design. The process is often used to personalise vehicles, but even games consoles have been successfully hydro-dipped!

Hydro dipping Hampshire is quick, easy (for professionals!) and durable (after a suitable top coat has been applied), and is a great way for you to have your car parts affordably customised.

You might have noticed that we’ve started to offer a wider range of preventative and cosmetic options in our garage/ to our customers, so along with offering plasti-dip and vinyl wrapping services, we now offer to hydro-dip automotive parts for you!

If you ask nicely, we’re likely to hydro-dip other things for you too, such as helmets – though for a more comprehensive list of things we will and won’t dip for you, you’ll want to chat with us personally – go on, give us a ring!

If you want to find out more about hydro dipping Hampshire, or our other services, then you can chat with us today – call the Dentscratch team on 01252 310 888 or email nick@dentscratch.co.uk.

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