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From a Mk 1 Mini Cooper S to an Award Winning Ferrari 250 GTO.

Our Work is Consistently Excellent so Call Today for Your Restoration

We pride ourselves on the consistent high quality of our work. When it comes to restoring classics, this as true as ever.

We have experience of working with classic cars of all kinds, from a mk1 Mini Cooper S to an Award Winning Ferrari GTO. Our experts are here to truly uplift your vehicle

Getting to Our Workshop

To make things as easy as possible for our clients we can collect the vehicle free of charge. In the case of non-running vehicles, our trusted recovery partners are on hand to transport for you.

Strip Down to Bare Metal

We strip and remove all components before removing the paint and rubbing down to expose the bare metal bodywork. From here we can understand what the vehicles needs. Providing you with an accurate vision of how we will proceed with the restoration.

Reshape, Weld and Reform

Often we find vehicles will have rust damage, general corrosion and sadly a series of 'make-do' fixes over the years. Our experts can completely reform the car body to its original high integrity.


Re-align All Body Panels

The utmost care is taken when re-assembling the body panels to ensure spacing is uniform throughout.

Anti-corrosion Protection

We coat every vehicle we restore in anti-corrosion protective coats, making particular improvements to areas that are known to take damage and rust.

Prime and Full Body Respray

We consistently impress our clients with the highest quality paintwork. We are able to colour match to factory options or to a specification of your choosing. For older vehicles, we have solvent paints available to upkeep originality.

Full Flat and Polish

Our polishing service includes flatting out the paint work and then a complete 3 stage machine polish. The standards we uphold have taken our clients on to win car shows at the top level.

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