Car fog dent removal in Hampshire

Top Tips for Car Visibility and Safety in Winter

As experts in dent removal in Hampshire, Dentscratch Ltd know that many avoid driving at night due to visibility and safety concerns; unfortunately that often simply isn’t practical or even possible once daylight savings is upon us and the sun has set by 5pm! With this in mind, you need to be optimising your car for visibility and tending to your lights to help reduce your chances of becoming involved in an accident. Remember, functioning headlights ensure not only that you can see, but that other motorists can see you!


Dentscratch’s Tips for Winter Visibility:

  • Remember that you can’t see the condition of your lights from the driver’s seat. Get out of your car and thoroughly inspect the external lights for any problems – do this regularly!
  • It’s not only broken lights that are an issue; bulbs that are dimming or blinking should also be replaced.
  • Replace headlights in pairs for optimum visibility and safety.
  • Keep your lights clean so they can function their best – debris and dirt can obstruct them and reduce their effectiveness.
  • You should take an effort to maintain your internal lights too, as being able to see the interior of your car during breakdowns or other emergencies is vital.
  • You need to actually be able to see out of your car to make the most out of your lights. Ensure your wipers and demister are in good working order so they can aid your visibility in bad weather by keeping your windscreen clear.
  • It’s easy to think that the only visibility problems in winter will be caused by bad weather and the dark, but this is untrue; the Winter sun hangs low in the sky and can blind drivers. It’s a good idea to keep a pair of sunglasses in your car, especially if you plan on driving in the morning.


If visibility problems have caught up with you this winter, then Dentscratch Ltd are able to offer first class dent removal in Hampshire for a reasonable price. Our fully trained technicians will take great care of your car, and will provide the quality service that our clients come to expect from Dentscratch. Contact us today for a quote, or simply to ask us any questions – all you need to do is email or calling our garage at 01252 310888.

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